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Smart agronomy decisions start with smart data collection.
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Soil Sampling

Grow on a solid foundation.

When you know exactly what your soil needs to maximize yields, you avoid over-applying nutrients or starving your plants of what they need most. Our automatic Wintex soil samplers quickly collect consistent samples to give you an accurate picture of your soil's nutrients.

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Tissue Testing

Extend yields to the next level.

Fine-tune your nutrient management plan and boost yields with in-season tissue testing. Identify and track deficiencies or imbalances in your plants or diagnose problems within a field with a consistent testing program.

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Stalk nitrate Testing

Optimize your nitrogen program.

Did you apply too much or too little nitrogen this year? Maximize your yields and stop wasting nitrogen when you incorporate a late-season stalk nitrate test in your agronomy program. Discover ways to tweak next year’s nitrogen program to avoid costly over- or under-application.

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Manure Pit Sampling

Know what you're spreading.

It’s crap, but your manure application deserves the same scrutiny as your other nutrient programs. Without sampling your pits, you have no idea if your plants are actually getting what they need to thrive—or if they’re getting too much of a good thing. Stop wasting nutrients with an accurate picture of your operation’s waste.