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The Beginning

While pursuing an agricultural degree from Iowa State University, founder Bryan Arndorfer begins GPS soil sampling and developing VRT fertilizer recommendations on his family’s farm. He also begins assisting neighbors with their agronomy needs.


Office Opens

Bryan establishes an office in Bancroft, Iowa, and begins to expand his soil sampling and other agronomy services. Bryan emphasizes partnerships with growers to setup and collect yield and as-applied data. The office also becomes an Ag Leader dealer.

Data for the Future

As monitors and data collection technology quickly evolves, Bryan develops a Precision Ag consulting program to present precision agricultural data in a useful format for growers. He aims to help growers make more informed decisions about their operations, driven by data. This service becomes the foundation of the current ProfitLink agronomy program offered today.


New Technology Arrives

Precision Management Services imports the first Wintex 1000 soil sampling machines into the United States, which allow the company to expand soil sampling services with more efficient and consistent sampling. The machines eliminate any guesswork and boost sample quality by sensing the probe depth. Precision Management Services continues to use the machines today.

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Growth & A New Office

Precision Management Services builds a larger office and warehouse—the company’s main location today—to accommodate its growing business.


Financial Data Evolves

With data management and consulting services driving Precision’s business, the company improves its data collection by incorporating financial data into agronomy plans. Through this, the company is able to develop profit/loss mapping, ROI and break-even calculations, and benchmarks for growers’ operations from both yield and profitability standpoints. This comprehensive process is the beginning of the current ProfitLink consulting program.

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Smarter Management Zones

As ProfitLink generates more information layers, it becomes clear that highly detailed management zones are necessary to offer growers a complete picture of their needs when paired with the accuracy and success of variable-rate recommendations. This leads to the development of Smart Zones™.

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More Precision Steering

Precision begins selling Reichhardt's GPS machine guidance systems to bring precision farming to more machines.

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Sentera drone for crop scouting

Precision Goes Airborne

Drones aid in scouting and zone creation from the sky.

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Sentera drone for crop scouting
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