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Are you wasting your money without an agronomy plan?

Guesswork can leave your soil short of the nutrients it needs to be productive. Don’t trust your farm’s future to chance.

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A Precision Plan Grows Your Profits.
1. Analyze your fields.
Smart Zone™ Mapping

Achieve maximum profitability on every acre with Smart Zones. Our proprietary zone creation helps you match your agronomy inputs to the natural variability of your soils.

Soil Nutrient Testing

Understanding and measuring a field's soil fertility is necessary to ensure that the proper amount of nutrients are getting applied to match the profit potential of each zone. Each zone is sampled with a Wintex 1000 automatic soil sampler for highly accurate depth and consistency.

In-Season Crop Monitoring

We make sure your crop stays on track with monitoring throughout the growing season. This may include in-season NDVI imagery, tissue and nitrate testing, and assessment of current practices. We alert you to any disease or pests in your fields so you can act early and protect your yields.

2. Execute your agronomy plan with precision.
Annual Fertility Plan

An annual fertility plan designed to maximize profitability on every acre makes it easy for you to make smart agronomy decisions.

Variable Rate Prescription Maps

On average, 30% of the acres within most fields are not profitable. With variable rate prescription maps (VRT Rx maps), we can address problem acres to lift the profitability of your entire field and farm.

3. Track Your Performance
Break-even Reporting

Understanding your breakeven is critical for developing a successful marketing plan. Detailed reports show all input costs, profit/loss analysis, and break-evens on each field, as well as across the entire operation.

Profit/Loss Maps

See which areas of your fields are performing the best (and the worst) at a glance with Profit/Loss maps so you can address potential problems in the underperforming areas.

Yield & Breakeven Benchmarking

Benchmark your input costs and breakeven levels against the community average. See where you're performing well and where you may be able to trim some additional expenses.

Anonymous Farm Comparison

ProfitLink Community Data allows growers to benchmark their profitability against their peers, compare hybrids and varieties, on farm trials, and much more—all while staying anonymous.

On-Farm Trial Analysis

Want to know how certain products or practices perform on your farm? We'll help you analyze the results from your on-farm trials—it's all part of helping you become more profitable.

Grow your profits

with a custom agronomy program.



  • Smart Zones™ Mapping

  • VR Seeding Rx’s Based on SmartZones

  • 4-Year Soil Testing Rotation

  • Fertilizer Rx’s Export to Monitor or Supplier of Choice

  • Planting, Application & Harvest Maps

  • Cloud & Mobile Access to All Maps & Reports

  • Crop Condition Updates via Text Message

  • Annual Fertilizer Consultation & Planning



  • Everything in FertilityLink™ (Plus More)

  • Climate FieldView™ Subscription with Data Upload, Organization & Maintenance

  • In-Season Drone Imagery

  • On-Farm Trial Analysis

  • Anonymous Community Data Reports

  • Community Trial Results Reports

  • Benchmarking for Yield & Breakevens

  • Post-Harvest Consultation, Discovery & Spring Planning

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Stop wasting money.

Start maximizing profit on every acre.

We get it: Your time is valuable. And so is the productivity of every acre. Guesswork and one-size-fits-all plans won’t benefit your farm. A smart, effective agronomy plan can be complicated, but not when you partner with Precision Management Services. Contact us to start your custom plan and maximize your profit on every acre.

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